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Purely Focused Caffeinated Water
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Focused on Pure, Caffeinated Water. Nothing Else. 
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When it comes to beverages, there are a variety of choices. However, many brands of sports drinks, energy drinks and sodas contain high amounts of sugar and sodium as well as high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, citric acid, food coloring and unproductive calories. None of these ingredients belong in your body. 
Pure Performance. Conquer Daily Demands.
We all need a little bolt of energy throughout our day. Whether it's getting your day started, an afternoon pick-me-up, overtime hours at work, studying for a college exam, preparing for physical activity or keeping alert during a long drive, Shock H2O caffeinated water will provide you with the spark you need to meet your life's daily demands. 
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Shock H2O caffeine drink
The Pure, Premier and Preferred Caffeinated Water.  
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Shock H2O is a one of a kind beverage. With a crisp, refreshing pure water taste, Shock H2O is focused on 
Shock H2O Caffeinated Water
energy water drink
caffeine drink
delivering a caffeinated water with balance. Infused with Green Tea caffeine, it's formulated to consist of a perfect harmony  between water and energy. 
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