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Focused Purely on Delivering You a Premium Caffeinated Water  
Focus:  A state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.

The story of Shock H2O caffeinated water was founded and is centered on the concept of FOCUS.  It started as an idea floated one late night around our crowded family table in the spring of 2005.  Discussions about what everyone was drinking to start the day sparked curiosity about creating a pure alternative for my morning cup of coffee, my wife’s diet soda, or the afternoon energy drink.  I needed something different. I wanted something that quenched my thirst and provided me energy without the unnecessary calories, sugar, and sodium in those other choices.  

The Shock H2O team is centered and focused around friends and family.  We are a collaboration of former teammates, business colleagues, medical professionals, family and friends.  We developed a pure and premium caffeinated water to be enjoyed and consumed anytime of the day or night. Whenever you are working, playing, studying, traveling or involved in some other event where a little bolt of energy is needed, take comfort in knowing SHOCK H2O is purely focused on providing you with just that. Nothing else. Enjoy!  
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Shock H2O caffeinated water
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That’s when lightning struck and the light bulb went on... FOCUS simply on what you need and nothing else - a cold glass of refreshing water infused with caffeine to provide energy. Unproductive Calories, Sodium and Sugar were not to be considered part of the equation. A simple, yet complex concept. Hydration and alertness are the FOCUS.  What followed was years of study, experimenting and formulating SHOCK H2O.   
What started as a concept around a kitchen table discussion, became a passion and a FOCUS.  After years of research, testing and tweaking,  the vision became a reality!  Cases of SHOCK H2O finally rolled off the production lines and onto store shelves in 2009. Since then, we've seen steady growth as more and more people become aware of SHOCK H2O and recognize how it provides them with the hydration and energy they desire. Nothing else. That's our vision and OUR FOCUS... We produce pure caffeinated water.  We’re very proud of the product we’ve created and the brand we’ve built in a relatively short period of time.
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