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Shock H2O caffeinated water sponsoring HT Redfish Tournament
Shock H2O official energy drink of FlexSeason Tennis League
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A major revamping of the highly anticipated Shock Energy Water H2O produced by HT3 Outdoors will find more teams competing for more money at more locations. Team of the year in this 4 tournament series gets fast tracked to the 2013 Invitational Series, no entry fee championship, while the team of the year gets their 2014 entry fees paid to join the lucrative Invitational Series.  Read More
FlexSeason™ announced today the naming of Shock H2O as the official water of the growing tennis league. “We are proud to have Shock H2O join us”, said George Bolter, co-founder of FlexSeason™. “It’s an excellent product and a great match for our league and its members”, he added.   Read More
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Shock H2O, the southeastern based caffeinated water company, has announced a new distribution deal with Baton Rouge Beer in Baton Rouge, LA.  The announced deal will cover Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. The partnership will further expand the distribution coverage for Shock H2O within the state of Louisiana.  Read More
JC Romero Professional Baseball Player
"As a professional athlete, we need to make smart choices in which supplements we take and what food we eat. With such a big demand on our body, our energy and focus levels have to be extremely high. ShockH20 not only gives you the boost you need but it also helps keep you hydrated which is also very important. ShockH20 only has 2 clean ingredients so there is no need to worry about hidden toxins when drinking it. It can not only be used by professional athletes, but anyone looking for a clean boost of energy!"

JC Romero
2008 MLB World Champion
2009 National League Champion
14 Year Veteran
Only Puerto Rican with 2 wins in the World Series
Only Puerto Rican to be part of the USA team in the Pan Am Games