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What People Say About Shock H2O
Thanks for inventing the product that I've been looking for forever. I came across your product last summer when I was driving across Georgia but I had forgotten about it, until tonight I was once again driving across Georgia back to Columbus and found your water in a gas station. I live off caffeine and I'd love to purchase some of this for work and my employees. Thanks!

Aaron M.

In a taste test...you win! Other energy waters have a nasty aftertaste.

Nora G.

I just tried this drink and I love it! How can I help spread the word?

Brook K. - Lockport, LA

Love this drink! It's such a great idea, I'm surprised nobody made it before now. When I told my Michigan friends about it, they were interested. I'll let them know about ordering it. Please add me to your mailing list!

Suzy R. - Dallas, TX
As I was pondering over all the nasty sugar laden sports drinks for a pick-me-up, all I really wanted was water since I am on a no-sugar diet/lifestyle. Then I saw your bottle and out of curiosity picked it up to see what made this bottled water different than all the others . I immediately saw the only two things I wanted in my system; H2O and caffeine! No sugar!  I loved the clean refreshing water and I WAS shocked that I woke up instantly and felt incredible, invigorated, focused, and energized all over again! AMAZING product! I just LOVE it! 

Kim S.  - Jacksonville, FL
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Shock H2O caffeinated water
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I just had to write you and say thank you so much for inventing the best thing ever! My fiance and I spent all day at the beach Sunday and we were so exhausted and ready to go home but we decided to stop in our local gas station and grab something to drink for the road. 
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